Swinburne Shoah

Nov 26, 2016

Faggots really are disgusting. In 2014, 70% of newly reported cases of HIV were homosexuals. It’s pretty crazy when you take into account it’s only gay men, who according to the 2011 census, only make up approximately ~0.5% of the population. Imagine how much sodomy these people do? No need to ask, by their own admission a quarter of gay men had had over 100 ‘partners’, “and 10% have no idea how many they’d slept with”. Wow, just wow.

How vile and destructive gays are to society used to be widely known through of all of the history of our people, but because the Jews have been pushing for gay rights for the last 50 years, I guess that makes for an unstoppable historical trend? Well, they also pushed for gay rights, as well as paedophilia, transgenderism, and other disgusting degeneracies in the Weimar Republic, and we all know how that turned out. So we decided to remind everyone that no, faggots aren’t normal and yes, people still hate them.

When we noticed that Swinburne had a disgusting ‘pride’ parade day planned, we couldn’t help but introduce a ‘diversity of opinion’ to that manifestation of AIDS on display.

faggots So we got the lads together on the 9th of October and put these beauties up: first poster

The main guest at this faggot fair was Michael Kirby. He’s a former High Court Justice, and an open sodomite. As is typical of queers, nearly everything they stick their hands in is related to their homosexuality. He pushed towards Australia remaining a constitutional monarchy because they “tend to be the most liberal, secular and tolerant” countries, and complained against intellectual property and patent laws because it raises the prices for AIDS medication. Oh how noble and brave to use his position of influence to spread liberalism and deviance.

We also couldn’t help but notice, afterwards, the striking similarities between our designs, and Michael Kirby’s (in the centre) twisted visage. gay faggot

Oh, and by the way Timna of the Sydney Morning Herald, we didn’t mention wanting to kill transgendered people, we merely insinuated that we wanted them to kill themselves. Which is true. Here’s the poster that she was referencing, but for some reason didn’t add to the article: second poster

There really wasn’t a lot of research done on this article, but hey, who needs facts when you’ve got an agenda to push? You finally have literal Nazis that you can report honestly on (unlike, for example, Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump who for some retarded reason are put in the same category as us), but you don’t do it because honesty and integrity is simply beyond you. The postering had nothing to do with the plebiscite, it wasn’t even something we considered. We put up the posters because of the poz march that was taking place the next day. And because we hate faggots.

This could be the work of as few as one person.

A cursory look at the video cameras, or even just asking the security guards would have told you that there was more than 1 of us.

Mr Briers, an outspoken critic of the plebiscite, said he feared that debate about the public vote had “aggravated” far-right groups.

We’re National Socialists. We don’t get aggravated by lame plebiscites that mean nothing; we get aggravated by faggots raping children and it being covered up by the media because they’re a protected group. No, really. We don’t hate them for no reason.

Rachael Hambleton, co-convenor of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Lobby, warned a plebiscite will “give more of a platform to discrimination”.

Our kind of discrimination, or the soft ‘oh, I like gays but I don’t think they should get married’ or Leviticus quotes from religious types? Because that’s what would happen in the plebiscite. We also got coverage here

Vile Neo-Nazi posters calling for gay and transgender people to be gunned down have been plastered over a university campus on the day of a pride event. More than 20 signs depicting swastikas and emaciated men wearing ‘Gay and Proud’ shirts being shot in the head appeared in Melbourne’s Swinburne University.

You’re right, approximately 200 is a bit more than 20.

Your claims of us being ‘sickening and vile’ is reduced in impact somewhat, when your sidebar images frequently displays lewd celebrity clickbait. What’s most ‘shocking’ is how a rag like the Daily Mail can claim to be any sort of a legitimate news platform.

Swinburne Student Union’s queer officer, Joshua Briers, told Daily Mail Australia it was unsettling to see homophobia was still prevailing in 2016. ‘It was scary. Everyone was feeling pretty anxious, but more than anything we were just disappointed that people could be holding these views in 2016.’

“IT’S 2017, IT’S 2017!” the Marxist screeches as he is dragged towards the gas chambers. This is the result of a Marxist view of history (ie, wrong, just like everything else in their disgusting ideology), in which conditions must continuously improve until we reach a communist society. If things don’t go in what leftists perceive to be in an upwards direction, like the recent election of Trump or Brexit, they have a meltdown, they literally cannot even. We’ll go into more detail on this phenomenon in the future.

Mr Briers said despite initial fears students and staff overcame the message by removing the posters.

Well done! Hate has been defeated! And all it took was taking down 20 posters. So brave. So brave.

We’ll be back.